Artemis || Protecting the Innocent

The Artemis security case is here to provide you with affordable peace of mind with reliable access to protect you and your loved ones.

    • Biometric at its Best


      The Second Touch® biometric fingerprint scanning technology is setting a new standard for reliable and instant performance, meaning you and your loved ones will always be safe.

    • Affordable

      This technology is what enables us to provide you with a reliable security case at a much more affordable price point than our competitors.

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    • Secure your peace of mind

      Virtually Indestructable

      The Artemis constructed from a weapons grade polycarbonate polymer, which is the same polymer used in bulletproof glass and body armor. For added security, and peace of mind, a loud tamper alarm is installed and will sound after 5 unauthorized attempts.

    • Consistenly Reliable

      The Artemis is equipped with 4 AA batteries which will provide up to 4,000 scanner operations, or approximately 1 year of use, at the end of which a low battery alarm will sound. A high security tubular-style key is also included for initial programming as well as when needed in low battery life situations.

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  • Polycarbonate Test

  • Artemis Saftey

  • Installing Batteries

  • Registering your Finger

  • Opening Artemis

  • Tamper Alarm

  • Common Sense Gun Safety with Hickock45

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    • We are fortunate to have a creative visionary, inventor, wise businessman, and entrepreneur in our midst here at Jones LLC. Introducing our CEO and President, Wayne H. Jones, who began his career in the plastics industry at the age of 16. Wayne has developed or assisted in the development of over a thousand products ranging from confectionary items to SoftSpikes golf cleats. He holds many patents and is the founder of 15 companies, one of which has provided over 50 SKUs through an international crafts retailer. Wayne introduced AquaGems (known as Water Pearls, in Asia) to the floral and crafts markets in the Western Hemisphere. Like his inventor father, an accomplished electrical engineer holding patents of his own, Wayne’s mind is constantly working on new ideas.

      He invented Artemis originally to protect his grandchildren from his home-protection handgun after finding the existing products on the market were either too expensive or unreliable. Realizing this high-cost and un-reliability was stopping others from protecting their families, he has made it available to everyone.

  • Our Story

    "After a frightening encounter at our home, I decided to purchase a handgun to store at my bedside in case of emergency.

    My wife and I realized the current location for my gun could prove to be a place that was not safe. We wanted to make sure our grandchildren had absolutely no access to my gun when they came to visit. Young children could not be trusted to leave the gun alone if they happened to stumble upon it and need to be kept safe.

    I decided to move my handgun to my upright gun vault, while also knowing I was sacrificing the instant availability of my firearm if we had another frightening encounter.

    I searched for an answer. I considered a trigger lock or hiding the gun in a location that was harder to find but neither of these options put my mind at ease. I finally found several small gun safes available at my local gun shop. I bought a biometric fingerprint gun safe that I thought to be the answer to my problem. However, I found the fingerprint scanner to be unreliable, so I kept looking. After considerable searching I found all the cases on the market were either unreliable or too expensive. I realized something needed to be done.

    After over a year of developing and perfecting the “Second Touch” biometric fingerprint scanner, the Artemis Security Case was created. The case was developed with a Polycarbonate polymer because we felt it was tough enough, yet inexpensive enough to create exactly the type of case families could afford and depend on when it came to the safety of their children.

    The quality and strength of our safe was equal to the safety of any steel vault or safe and would cost less and protect our loved ones just as well. It was decided if Bullet-proof glass is made of layered Polycarbonate and Kevlar is just plastic and it stops bullets then that would be more than enough to keep the innocent safe.

    At $149.99 Artemis is within reach of young families who need it the most.

    From my family to yours -- Artemis-- finally peace of mind!"-Wayne H. Jones

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    • Our Promise

      We have received accolades from many customers stating that they are very pleased with their Artemis case!

      We have found that a very small percentage of people are not able to use the Second Touch scanner consistently due to difficulty registering their finger. If, after watching our finger registration video here you continue having difficulty registering your finger, the Artemis Security Case may not have reliable enough access for you. You may return your Artemis case for a full refund (in original condition.) Please see the following procedure for returns:

      1.) Please email us at indicating that you wish to return your Artemis Security Case. Please include: your name, the date you received your Artemis case and your tracking number on the original UPS label – the one used to ship it to you.

      2.) We will email you a UPS return label. Print the new label and place it over the old shipping label, completely covering the original label. If you are not printing on adhesive paper, please cover the new label completely with clear packing tape taking care there are no wrinkles. This will protect the return label from transit damage.

      3.) Drop your package at your most convenient UPS pickup location.

      Once we receive your returned package in the same condition you received it (including all parts such as keys, security cable, etc.), we will refund the amount you paid promptly in the manner of payment you originally paid.

      Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Thank you, again, for your efforts in protecting the innocent

      Customer Testimonial

      "My husband and I love our Artemis Biometric Security Case. It is easy to use and makes us feel very safe knowing our handgun is easily accessible, while keeping it secure and out of the wrong hands. It’s a great product if you have children in the house, too!”
      -Eva Shockey

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